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Daily practice helps us change with the seasons

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Spring is finally here and I can feel my body’s energy changing like the weather.

Lately I wake up earlier, sprint through projects I couldn’t face a couple of months ago, and have a more optimistic outlook on life.  In years past I often suffered from “spring fever,” this time of year.  You know, that awful malaise that makes you start thinking: “the weather’s beautiful, so how come I feel like crap?”  Or something like that.

Daily Qigong practice has helped me harmonize my internal energy with the changing energy of the seasons.  So every morning I do at least 20 reps of the Flowing Motion, some spontaneous movement and a few more postures from the Vitality Enhancement Series.

The result?  No more spring fever; no more “April is the cruelest month.”

Studies Show Qigong Really Works

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Recent scientific studies show that practicing Qigong and Taiji does more than help you relax.

Baylor Medical School researchers took cells from Qigong practitioners and compared them to cells from a control group.  The result?  The Qigong group’s cells lived up to five times longer!

At the University of Miami School of Medicine children with Attention Deficit Syndrome exhibited reduced anxiety, hyperactivity and improved conduct after just ten biweekly classes.

Studies of older adults performed by the Center for Tai Chi Studies demonstrated Taiji and Qigong practice improved balance, built greater lower body strength, and enhanced immune function.

So if you desire improved health and aim to live a long time, practice Qigong.  It really works.