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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

When we learn a new exercise or skill, it may make us feel tense, even when the purpose of learning it is to promote relaxation.  That was the case for me when I first studied Tai Chi, and to a lesser extent yoga.

With Qigong, I felt relaxed almost from the get go. But now and then I still get mentally or physically tight.

According to most Masters, this is normal because during practice, tension may arise from parts of the body we didn’t even know were tense!  Regular practice of Qigong causes a release of stress and tension that may be deeply embedded in our cells.  As we gain greater body awareness, we are able us to feel those feelings and gradually let go of them.

One tip I find helpful is this:  with every breath, imagine you are  breathing in tranquility and breathing out tension.

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