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Qigong and yoga

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Some people refer to Qigong as “Chinese yoga,” and there are many similarities between these two practices.  But there are also some significant differences.  I love how a good yoga class leaves me feeling relaxed and flexible.  Bikram yoga–which my wife Betsy and I practice at the Norwalk studio–adds the benefit of a strenuous sweaty workout.

But yoga is best practiced in a yoga studio with a yoga mat, yoga props like blocks and blankets, or in some cases, 100+ degree heat.  Qigong can be practiced anywhere, any time, alone or with a crowd, indoors or outdoors.  No props, studio or mat required.  Another difference?  When I do Qigong I feel as deeply relaxed and refreshed from a 15 minute session as from an hour or more of yoga.

Yoga and Qigong offer most of the same mental, physical and spiritual benefits.  Qigong is just faster to learn, less strenuous, and easier to incorporate into daily life.